Monday, 27 May 2013

Spanking Chart

Well I have been away for a long time and I guess that I should be posting what has been happening, but instead I'm just posting something that I came across that just took my fancy, a spanking chart.

I thought it summed up nicely the various instruments and how they feel and thought it might be interesting for newbies that might be thinking of introducing spanking into there lives.

Anyway a lot has changed since I have last posted and once I get the time and the right frame of mind I will sit down and write about all that has been happening that has left me more Dom than switch which seems momore natural for me, not that I might not switch again, but until then I might post some picture posts and the the odd story.


  1. Welcome back, you have been missed. Love the chart, but being on the receiving end, as you also have I would like to add that all of the implements sting depend on how hard the spanker is swinging.
    Would love to hear how things are changing.

  2. very accurate chart, I have been spanked by many instruments and it is a good summary of what to expect, thanks for sharing it

  3. really beautiful charts... and accurate.
    I am also a spanking addict you can check my story on my blog...