Monday, 24 December 2012

Story - Mother-in-law Caning

 This story like so many others appeared on usenet newsgroups that so sadly seemed to get ruined once they were taken over by Google who seemed to lose interest in them. This one comes from the group soc.sexuality.spanking which sadly closed down a short while ago. It is a story by someone called Steve Caner who I'm almost sure posted using another name a few years ago, any way that aside I hope you enjoy the story.

Mother-in-law Caning

This is the first time I caned my friend's Mother-in-Law and it is one of the most memorable.  Dave, my friend had asked me to pop in occasionally to see if Jackie needed any help while he was away on business.

Jackie, my friend's wife came home after shopping with her mother rather upset.  I asked her the reason and she told me that he mother was seeing another man while her dad was away on business.  I told her that it was probably the same for him being lonely away from her mom.

She got more upset at the thought her dad might be two timing her mum because he just was not like that, as she put it.  He called home every night and even called up when there was no answer at home in the belief that Lynne would be at their place.

As it would be another ten days or so before Dave would be back from Zurich Jackie decided to persuade her mom to give up flirting and going behind daddy's back. 

Lynne was coming round for evening meal with her neighbour, cannot actually call it dinner, and Jackie was going to confront her with the issue.  I was rather apprehensive, as there was a certainty that an almighty falling out would occur and I did not want to be in the middle - cowardly I know but there you have it!

Lynne is a rather vivacious lady of 55 with real auburn hair and a 36D bust with a corresponding size 18 figure and looks very appealing in her smart work clothes and high heels.  If her, "look a-like" daughter wasn't married to my friend and she wasn't married to Jackie's dad I would definitely fancy her myself and her friend, a very similar but divorced and definitely "available" lady.

At six-thirty Lynne and Jane arrived.  Lynne was dressed in her usual flirty attire, straight skirt just above the knees, sheer stockings or tights, high heeled shoes, cream blouse and just the right amount of jewellery adornment and Jane dressed in a rather a shorter skirt and lower neck line on her dress than Lynne's otherwise both ladies were dressed for the kill.

Jackie finished preparing dinner whilst I poured out the drinks.  Lynne, Jane, and I chatted for about twenty minutes and then I poured another round of drinks.  Jackie called us to the table and we sat, ate, and chatted about things in general.  Jackie asked Jane what she thought about married people or those with serious partners "flirting" and "dating" other people.  Gulping back my mouthful of food and nearly choking I listened to Jane say that flirting, as she understood it, was Ok to a point and that point was in general a friendly retort, amusing anecdote or a friendly quip to pass time at work, while shopping or when introduced to someone new.  Flirting makes people happy as it strengthens there self-confidence and allows conversations to begin when there is no real reason to talk.  Taking a "flirt" further can be dangerous as partners might see another reason for it and actually dating a work colleague or another is out of the question unless it's a "drink with the guys at work".

In order to embarrass her mother Jackie then asked me what I thought about Lynne flirting and dating other guys when her dad was away on business.  I told her that my views we similar to Jane's and agreed it was both dangerous and hurtful.

Jackie then laid into her mom with all the reasons under the sun to stop her flirting and stop hurting dad.  I was rather taken aback when Jackie said to her mom that had if it been her flirting when she first started dating Dave and were engaged dad and her would have spanked and caned her for it so why shouldn't she be dealt with in the same way?

Lynne answered that by saying that she was her mom and daughters didn't treat their parents like that and secondly that she was a grown woman and adults don't get spanked.

At that point Jane butted in by telling Lynne that adults do get spanked and she regularly got a few cane strokes from her late husband when she upset him.  I then joined in by saying that Jackie will tell you that she often feels the cane across her behind and she might even show you her bottom where Dave gave her six strokes yesterday before he left for Zurich.  Shocked by this and rather embarrassed Jackie told her mom that she felt dad's spankings were good for her when she was younger and we agreed that a spanking or caning was better than long periods of not talking and sulking.

Jane was apparently quite surprised that Lynne had been 'playing' about and told her that she could do with a bit of old fashioned discipline to get her back in line.

I could see that Lynne was feeling trapped but this punishment and discipline talk between her daughter and her friend and she turned to me and asked if I agreed with them.  I told her that her actions were very naughty to put it bluntly and as she was acting like a spoilt child a spanking might be called for.

Lynne said that she was probably wrong to act as she had been and she would stop.  Jane asked her if she thought that stopping acting foolishly was Ok or if it had been Jackie would she have caned her.  Jackie jumped in at that point and said that Lynne would have had her bent over and caned her backside until she could not sit down.

Jane looked across to Lynne and asked if that was true and Lynne nodded in agreement. Jane then got up from the table, dragged her chair to the middle of the room, and told Lynne to bend over it.  Lynne at first refused but I told her a spanking was short sharp punishment and daddy would never have to know about it.

I was now getting rather excited and my penis began to get an erection, I'm sure Jane noticed it but she didn't say or do anything but she did make a point of brushing up against me with her left hand as she walked by to get her drink turning her head slightly and smiling.

Lynne walked up to the chair and Jane told her to place her legs about 18" apart and, keeping her legs straight, to grab hold of the seat sides.  Shuffling her legs apart Lynne stretched her upper torso over the chair back and grabbed the sides of the seat base.  Her backside was quite appealing as her skirt rode up her thighs revealing a pair of very shapely legs.  The high heels added to the tightness of the leg muscles and the parting of the legs added roundness to the buttocks now held tightly by the skirt and pants.

Jackie came into the room with the punishment cane.  I made it for Dave a couple of years ago from Kooboo cane, sanded so there were no bumps or unevenness and lacquered to avoid splinters and splits. The cane is very whippy when sliced through the air but very firm when it lands. Given enough effort the end can curl around the bottom and sting the far thigh but I don't think Dave hits Jackie that hard although I must admit I have done so on a couple of occasions and the woman I was caning really cried out.

Jackie told her mom to count the strokes she was getting and Lynne then asked how many. Jane stopped Jackie answering by saying that was part of the punishment and enough was when she decided she had enough.

Jackie then tapped her mom's backside with the cane and then raised it above her shoulder and brought it crashing down on Lynne's bottom.  She gasped and wiggled a bit and counted one then Jackie hit her again and again and each time she counted, two, three and jerked slightly at each stroke.  After six Jackie passed the cane to me and told me to give her another six strokes but as I approached Jane lifted the hem of Lynne's skirt and tugged it over her back revealing a pair of hold up stockings and a neat pair of patterned panties covering her bottom under a short underskirt.Jane lifted the petticoat and invited me to administer the six strokes.

I gave it all the force I could muster as I brought the cane down on Lynne's almost bare behind.  She lurched forward at the first and screamed out SEVEN! Then EIGHT and NINE and then sobbed for ten, eleven and twelve.

Jane took the cane from me, walked over, and rubbed Lynne's bottom before pulling the pants down to her knees.  Jane inspected the red stripes and rubbed them again before stepping back and giving Lynne's sore bottom another six strokes.

As Jane walked away, she rubbed her own bottom and winked at me then told Lynne to get up and get dressed.  Lynne sobbed and rubbed her behind as she adjusted her pants and skirt and then told Jane that she could do with a taste of the cane for her sleeping around.

Although Jane was about 8 years older than me and this was the first time I had met her I asked her out on a few dates and gave her a spanking over the knee on the first and a real hard bare bottom caning of 12 strokes on the 3rd date. We had sex after each episode and our, slightly loose, relationship lasted for about 9 months on and off with Jane getting the cane four or five times during this time.

Barry, Jackie's dad, never found out about Lynne's caning but I know she was caned about two weeks after Barry's return from the Middle East as Dave told me that he had lent his cane to her dad!


  1. A beautiful caning story, and one must admit, that mother-in-law Lynne, deserved to be caned, and caned well on her bare bottom.

  2. I couldn't agree more. I wonder how man man would love to cane their mother-in-laws when they are being a pain.

  3. Wish I could cane my Mother-in-law, all she has done since came to stayed over the Christmas holiday period is moan and nag. A good beating with the cane might do her some good and teach her some respect.

  4. It is not just mother-in-laws that deserve caning, some father-in-laws do too.

  5. Answer to Anonymous. Action speak louder than just wishing to corporal punish your mother-in-law. Just set your heart and do it. When she starts moaning and nagging you. Just bend her over. Raise her dress up high. Take down her knicker's. And cane her mature bare bottom. 'Six or more of the best strokes of the cane'. And I mean 'six of the best' strokes of the cane. If that does'nt change her ways. Repeat the process, until she doe's.

  6. Must say I agree with the last comment

    1. Hi, How I agree with the comments and I did just that! I was did give my MIL a long lecture and as she was a second wife she was only 8 years older than me ! She was almost in tears as I gave her a long lecture and then told her to take her jeans down so I could spank and cane her ! I also made her take her knickers downand and saw her super, well rounded buttocks, presented to me!She actually then began ot smile at me and readily bent over the arm chair, and opened her legs fairly wide for the cane after she firstly lay over my knees for me to spank her In did not cane her very sharply but enjoyed seeing the red ridges risin on her bare flesh ! She got up and surprised mr by giving me a kiss on my face as she rubbed her stinging bottom! he tthanked me and said I had bee right to spank her ! JM

  7. Hi, JM here, It was about two montghs later when I had reason to punish Anne again! She and my My Mum had an argument over something -the cause was lost ,in the arguement itself ! Anne after said tome it ahd been her fault it had escalated and her husband had told he she should own up and express her apology! Annne felt she should however be punished again, by me, and I accepted the request!! Fidaay evening I went to their big house with a new cane longer and slightly thicker! She was soon undressed and over my knees for a good spanking!I loved looking at her lovely bottom and smacking her well rounded buttocks quite sharply . Her husaand had give full agreement for the spanking! I gave her a moderate smacking on those bare buttocks , slowly turnuing them pink ! Then it was the turn of the cane and ihad her bnd over the arm of the chair and she once agian opened her legs wide and I saw most of her vagina ! Anne toook her cning well but was soon crying out from the pain of the sharp strokes I gave her ontop of the pink bum from the spanking spaning Iae her 10 strokes of the rattan which did make her bottom burn ! She took it well and did not cry I felt the red stripes and gently rubbed them for her !Agauinshe thanked me for her punsihment and said it had hurt her but again I got a big kiss form her as she rubbed her burning bottom! JM

  8. Hi Ken here, My MIl is very short tempered and I find she does expect apologies from me before she goes for the cane she keeps for me and was kept for my wife who stil gets it for any breach of her old rules! I have seen her having some good canings even now we are married! But she often assists her mum, in caning me! It does not take much to upset her and she then demands I take my trousers down and go into the kitchen to wait for her! Her part time House keeperis often there and sees me taking all below my waist off! She loves to glimpse my rivate parts and never fails to slap my bum a good few times ,giving me a pre-caning spanking! MIl enjoys finding me with a well spanked bottom as she and my wife examine my bum before cning me1 Shw is soon swishing the csne across my barebum making me cry out in pain! I nevr get less than 14 cuts wghuich makes sitting down very painfuil!!Ken, sometomes shedding tears!! Ken